my brain has an automatic filter that turns the word “fitblr” in to “total bullshit”

To other feminists who went through a libfem phase:

do you remember the moment that you realized how disenchanted you were with the whole ~eyebrow and winged eyeliner game so strong gonna slay a man with them~ “feminism”? because I very vividly do.

remember feeling how much more shit you could get done if you just shut the fuck up about whether or not it was feminist to wear make up and started talking about real things? because I very vividly do.

I still wear make up every once in a blue moon. It doesn’t fucking matter. It has nothing to do with feminism and it never, ever will. It’s just a THING TO DO, and for some people, it is a means of patriarchal self hatred or for some women, a survival tactic. 

eyebrows have nothing to do with feminism i hate this website so much


Tumbler be like: why isn’t there platonic anal fingering????!!?! (uwu) friendly reminder it’s okay to lick a friends ass hole!!!

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the newest hetlibfem thing is freaking out about men in croptops and I’m still over here like, “haha, okay but let’s talk more about fat girls in crop tops.”

I am very sick of feminist or other political analysis of pop culture & media. They are always wrong and always so forgiving. Want the real scoop? There is no such thing as pop media that is safe for oppressed people. Stop trying to tell me the tiny poetic ways in which Mean Girls, Legally Blonde and Tina Fey are tried and true feminist parts of the media.


If you were abused by kinksters and the BDSM community did nothing but blame you;

If you are still abused by kinksters who want you to be silent and never talk of your experience or how the community perpetuates rape culture;

If you value this space which has been relentlessly attacked from Day One by the same group who’s determined to break me;

I ask for your help to defend this space.

Too many kink critical blogs have fallen. I say: no more. This one will stand proudly.

We will denounce and expose this community for what it is, and they will not stop us.

You are so strong.


potentially definitely starting to lose ~real life~ friends for being anti kink.

this is so ridiculous. 

my girlfriend just sent me a message saying

"good night my kink shaming angel" and wow I love her so much


If you think kinkiness is a central part of your identity, you might want to rethink your identification.