this website is an enabling hellhole for unhealthy and abusive behaviors and it’s really fuckin gross that the people who enable that shit do it under the guise of social justice

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Fetlife is literally the worst website I have ever had the displeasure of visiting. I use it for networking while doing sex work and it is so horrifying.

There are men on there who will literally just… admit to being rapists. And no one gives a fuck. It’s just a fun hellhole for them to share stories about being rapists together. 

What is something you want me to talk about more in depth? I want to start making more original posts but I don’t know what to talk about.

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there’s just something so violent and cruel about the way even normal “vanilla” sex is talked about, i don’t understand it

why always the association of sex with pain. pain with pleasure. idk if this is me being prudish or sex-repulsed or whatever. i just want to know why the language surrounding sex and intimacy and relationships is so violent. so heartless.


I don’t respect your kinks fight me

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50 shades of kinksters caring more about BDSM’s image over the fact it continues to glorify and sexualise abuse

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Queer women and nonbinary people don’t exist for the sake of your argument about why BDSM is good.

brattynvbadlookin replied to your post: By you shaming me for enjoying my sexuality as I want it, you have raped me. Not with a penis but with your need to rob me of the right to choose how I wish to express my sexual needs. Your brand of feminism is misogyny rebranded.

"If that considered rape I will rape these asswipes all goddam day. F this. Lmao"

No, shut the fuck up and get away from my blog. This type of language is WHY this anon was so disgusting, it is trivializing. It takes light the true meaning of what rape is, and what you just said is just as abhorrent as the original ask. Rape is not ever to ever ever ever be joked about.


"where’s my christian grey????” hopefully locked up in prison

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